2009 – that was the year when KPop was at its peak internationally, most especially for acts like Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation, and Super Junior. The Hallyu wave had also reached the Philippine shore, reaching out to the growing number of fans and naysayers. I was one of those fans who were completely enamored by the surge of KPop in the country. I dived into the sights and sounds that KPop had offered their audience, the world. The year 2009 had also marked the start my wonderful relationship with KPop music. Good times, eh?

Looking back, being a fangirl has been a rough ride but staying as a fangirl will never be too hard. Fangirling has grown to be a way of life for me and that’s one thing I will never regret doing.

Being a fangirl has changed me in many ways.


I’m not saying I was shy before I got into KPop but dwelling in the K-ingdom made me express myself better…physically. I know a lot of fans can relate that those faces and gestures are one of the reasons why we stayed (see: DERP). In that profound moment when I saw them lovely Shibrows, I knew there was no going back! And yes, my friends would agree that I am very animated. I say that’s the influence of being a fangirl to me, with all the exaggerations and herp derp moments.

Lovely Shibrows cr: vamphyuk.tumblr.com

Lovely Shibrows
cr: vamphyuk.tumblr.com

 There is also no escape for being involved in a fanwar or reading heaps of hate comments towards your lovely oppas and eonnies. I have grown more aggressive and assertive in what I believe in. I try to promote love instead of hate because, we all need a little love. I’ve learned to stay true to myself and stick with my principles and I’ve also learned to respect and appreciate everyone’s individuality.

screencap from tumblr.

screencap from tumblr.

Although tuning in to updates had nearly made me into a zombie, I would say that the change that KPop had brought me was more on the positive side rather than the negative one~ I also learned to reach out to other fans and gained a lot of quirky friends!

With friends at KCon!

With friends at KCon!

Most of all, respect has been embedded in my soul as I fangirl about Kpop.

 I’ve learned to respect vast differences in opinions regarding stuff that is happening within the K-ingdom

I’ve learned to respect the effort these artists, companies, and BTS (behind-the-scenes) persons show, from being a trainee to standing on stage for their 43rd comeback, all for the craft that is music.

 Being a fangirl changed the whole of me, whether I like it or not, and I‘m glad it has shaped me into the person that I am today.

The sea where i belong :)

The sea where i belong 🙂

Fangirling is a way of life for unlimited love.