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It’s been a long time commin’, but I’m here. XD

ANYWAY. I missed writing crappy journal entries! ;~;

I was busy with stuff. Unimportant matters is all. HA!

I got through my first (and admittedly last) campaign for our college’s student council. I will never go through that again :<. I was so not used to it. I hated selling myself in front of people. It didn’t feel right. Being with the LLR slate was really fun, though. I had made good friends without knowing it :).

But yeah, it still sucks ’cause I didn’t win XD.

I’d always say that I am totally okay with it.

It just really sucks.

I mean, the feeling…’cause even though I have half-heartedly started the campaign, in the end, I poured all of my heart to the slate and had prepared my mind for the task.

I believe that you really can’t get everything. Not at the same time, at least.

Well, so much for politics..er.. student governance. 🙂 I wish our officers-elect all the luck 😀

(I can’t believe there are some people who had thought that I’d win. From day one, I knew I was gonna lose XD So, I’d like to thank my friends, my family, and colleagues who trusted me and those who…voted wisely. Just kidding :P)

The senatorial elections are coming up, too and it’s my first time to vote! *Yay!

Let us not be swayed by pa-uso. I am so annoyed by these campaign jingles! Well, anyway…

I guess, voting always boils down to personal preferences. Biases can never be put aside.

Nonetheless, choose wisely!