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I feel terribly dumb.

I went to swimming class yesterday afternoon, unnerved. I was late, ever the slightest, and the rest of the class were finished with the warm-up exercises. I just stripped off my p.e. uniform and went to follow our instructor around, explaining this and that. When I finally decided to go down the pool, I asked this certain girl, STA 2A ka po? And then she nodded so I thought she understood so I just followed wherever she went, believing that she’s my classmate. I even talked to some of her classmates about my course and stuff and they said ~wow~. Deep inside, I thought, hey, we’re in the same college, no big deal. Heh.

AND THEN, we started diving and with the freestyle and I was taken aback because, earlier, one of our instructors said that we would be having a practical exam on floating. So I was like, are we gonna do this all period or…

SO, as I was trolling around, trying not to get noticed, I saw a certain attendance shit sheet that read BS CHEM.

Wow. This shouldn’t be their attendance sheet because it’s the only one here, near ”our”  side of the pool and I would be terribly dumb to be swimming with the wrong class.

You see, while I was there contemplating, I saw a familiar face on the adjacent side of the pool, teaching an entirely different class – the instructor I talked to earlier.


As things weren’t looking so bright, I asked a ”classmate”, BS Chem kayo? 

and. she. nodded.


Swallowing whatever that was still intact within me, I stomped to my actual class’ side and explained to the instructors, Sir, iba su na-swimmingan ko tabi.  And, they laughed at me.

That was entirely not the way I had planned on spending the whole period.