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I didn’t realize that last Friday-Saturday-Sunday was a ~long~ weekend.

November 30

The Wordsmith staff had a seminar-workshop on campus journalism and of course, I attended it.  It was scheduled on a holiday but, it didn’t matter. It was a really fun experience where we got to critique others’ works (even our writings, too) to further enhance our skills and maybe, in a way, strengthen our bond. For the most part, our speaker, the ever pretty and witty Ms. Gladys Serafica, had refreshed our (her former students) memory with her past lessons. No biggie, though. It was nice seeing her again and be able to listen to her lectures. Although I kinda felt really drowsy during the afternoon lecture. It was a very unholy hour and I was lacking sleep! I’m pretty sure she saw me nodding my head as I let myself take a quick nap, hihi. But! For the much bigger part, I truly enjoyed it! I was tasked to introduce our speaker and yes, I was practically shaking as I introduced one of my favorite persons in the world. I was glad she gave a smile after I introduced her. It was somewhat a reassurance from her that I did pretty well. 🙂
I specially enjoyed the part when we were separated into two groups and were to come up with, let’s say, a more persuasive editorial outline than the other. The topic was about the implementation of the new curriculum in the English department and I was on the affirmative side. A lot of our seniors didn’t like the fact that they were like experimental guinea pigs with this whole OJT stuff. Well, we brainstormed a lot and had come up with a pretty convincing outline of thoughts hehe. I’m just so happy with the people in our publication. 🙂 
Another activity that brightened me up was the Blind Man’s Game. We were to describe to a blind man how a fisherman starts his early mornings. It was an activity for our Feature Writing so I said to myself that I definitely need to participate! So I did, and I got some positive feedback. Although the incoherency and grammatical errors did not come unnoticed. That is just part of the editing process…constructive criticism! I’ll post what I wrote when I have time~
Also, because I think we all enjoyed the seminar-workshop that much, we finished at around 5:30 PM. That was a problem because I wasn’t able to catch the live red carpet ceremony of Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA 2012)~ Fortunately, I was able to catch the opening of the live show itself, so that was OK. I was satisfied enough with the results and was really very ultimately absolutely HAPPY because, wow, the lineup was jjang! My favorite performances? EXO-SHINee Time Loop! And Big Bang’s!!! Plus, Gain’s (BEG) number was not much of a shocker but, it was nicely executed by my sexy unnie~ I also really cried legit tears when I heard the first notes of Mirotic playing then suddenly, Chen goes on with his Lushipeo and I was like OMG I hate you Chen, but not really. You are A+. YUP. So much love for these babies.
I am pretty sad to break this to myself that SJ’s performance lacked that MAMA factor. It was like they just opened up with some props and all, danced to the music and that was it. I did enjoy it personally, but it didn’t leave a mark on people’s minds. Some unknowing citizens probably wondered what’s so special with them? Why are all the screams for them when what they performed was like eeehhh? Their dance routine wasn’t modified that much, not really, actually. It saddens me. Maybe they just don’t have the time to rehearse as a group.
December 1
We celebrated my mother’s birthday by watching the much talked-about Breaking Dawn: Part 2. I honestly didn’t want to watch but they insisted. I watched it, got bored and actually nodded a few winks of my own before getting pumped up for the ”fight scene”. Twas unexpected for me because…I simply haven’t read the book.
Moving on, World AIDS Day was also commemorated this day. As a plus factor, the longest-running drama anthology in Asia presented an episode about some of its victims, educating us about the disease along the way.
I was glad I had watched the Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) episode, ”Pulang Laso” – it was wORTh iT. I cried so hard. I still cry when I remember it. The episode was about two persons falling in love in an unoverrated way and BASTA. YOU! Should watch it! The actors were so BRILLIANT. THERE ARE NO WORDS BUT JUST STANDING OVATIONS. A WHOLE ARENA OF IT. Gah. They were just so darn good. 
Please, just listen to the bg music during the ep:
OK. I am quite the eksaherada at this point but, I just really like this episode so much that it hurts. *cries some more* 
In a word, I am fearless to say that it IS P E R F E C T .
December 2
There was a replay for MAMA 2012 today with subtitles! It was pretty much useless, useless ’cause it was so darn small and unhelpful. It could only enlighten you but not entirely let you know what they had spoken of (if that makes sense). 
OK, that was my boring weekend. HAHA. 
Gonna blog some more after my report on Tuesday!