I’m not enrolled yet for the second semester.

The time and effort of going to school to get our clearance sheets done had gone to waste, for me. 

Well, for once, our pub hasn’t produced a single copy or even started to do the lay out (I think). That’s mainly the reason why I haven’t cleared my accounts whatsoever EVEN IF I already passed all of the assigned articles to me although the other one was a tad bit late.

BUT ANYWAY. Whatever, then. I’ll be enrolling by Monday AND I really should be enrolled by then because..I really need to, okay.

So, I actually saw our sched for the upcoming semester and I’m pretty satisfied with it. I’m looking forward to another very exciting yet, probably draining, semester full of reading, writing, reporting, group work etc etc.

What do I expect, I’m an English Major.

But, yeah…I’m pretty stoked for Shakespeare so I’m gonna start reading le tragedies ^^ AND Lit Criticism! I’m ~kinda~ looking forward to it because a senior of mine mentioned it to me before so…

And, we’ll be starting on our undergraduate thesis this sem and…I still have NO TOPIC nor groupmates…*sigh

I hope I can think of a topic I’ll surely love so that I can pour my heart and soul and mind into it. At the end of the day, I hope everything would turn out well, at least, and that we could all finish and graduate on time. 🙂 I know we can make a thesis we’ll surely be proud of..hopefully.

I still have PE, though. Ugh. Irreg stude here T_T