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I’m just gonna spazz here, while I’m at it.

아름다운 그대에게 <Preview>

My translation was quite spot on only that instead of 그대 I used 너 ~~~

OMG I’m SUPER excited with this drama adaptation ’cause I fell in love with its two previous adaptations, the Taiwanese one back in 2006 < 花樣少年少女>

and the Japanese one in 2007 <花ざかりの君たちへ イケメン♂パラダイス>

both otherwise known as HANA KIMI. I’ve read that the Japanese one had a remake last year only that everything was the same and the comments said there that it wasn’t fresh. I couldn’t judge as I didn’t even know of this remake nor have I watched it! But, seriously, this drama has got to be my most favorite drama of all time! Just ask my high school friends and you’ll know how I practically sang the theme song over and over again! I had started watching the Taiwanese one first and then hated the Japanese one initially because both dramas were broadcasted in our country at about the same time, on different stations of course, and consequently, both were up against each other because of petty station wars in the industry so yeah… It was the summer of 2008 when I fell completely for the Taiwanese Hana Kimi and rediscovered Mandopop >< (S.H.E. & Fahrenheit!!!) Then, as I watched the last episode of the Japanese one (out of curiosity, really), I fell in love the first time I caught sight of IKUTA TOMA aka Nakatsu Shuichi in the drama~ Still! I’d have to say that I prefer the Taiwanese ver. more because of the lead actors! <Wu Zun, Ella Chen, Jiro Wang & Danson Tang> And honestly, if not for Toma, I wouldn’t even give the Japanese ver. a chance okay, maybe because of my curiosity, too. The reason being that I complained too much about the female lead being too girly for my taste thus, it was quite hard to believe she was pretending to be a guy.

BUT ANYWAY. So much for that.

I was stoked to know last year that my “favorite entertainment company” was gonna produce the much awaited Korean Version of my beloved Hana Kimi. YAY. Rumors started to spread that Minho was a shoo in for the male lead which I didn’t find quite surprising. Also, Amber was rumored to be the female lead but I just thought that she doesn’t actually do acting but maybe she’d fit in. Or some sort. Fast forward to the summer of 2012, when the lead stars were one by one confirmed, Choi Minho of  SHINee, Choi Sulli of f(x), Lee Hyunwoo ~ I’ve seen Minho act a little in Salamander Guru but I’ve never seen Sulli nor this rookie actor Lee Hyunwoo act. I found Minho awkward but then again he might’ve improved and Ssul was a child actress so.. I hope they’d do well and that the drama won’t disappoint. I’m glad that the director of Boys Over Flowers and My Girl (two of the hit KDramas) is directing and that it’s on SBS! I’m not expecting it to rake high ratings but I pray that it won’t at least be a failure and receive good attention good because if it’s produced by SMEnt, it ought to have some kind of attention and that ABS-CBN would have the rights to it please? 

What bothers me most is that some fans are just gonna watch it for EXO when in reality, they’re probably only gonna appear just slightly, a cameo, even, given that they are rookies and they ought to promote their music first, as they said, and also because of their busy schedule, with a rumored comeback later on and don’t get me started on the EXO-M members flying in and out of China. Well, it is some kind of promotion (and I really had hoped that all 12 of them would be in it) BUT! at least appreciate the drama, too and the other actors! I was admittedly biased, too, at first with the Japanese one but in time, I had learned to love both of the lovely adaptations. I hope EXO fans wouldn’t get me the wrong way because I’m a fan myself.

One thing’s for sure that I’m gonna have to download all 16 episodes (if there’s enough memory to store it in!), maybe in HD even. I know the story by heart (well, based on the two adaptations, actually, but it still counts!) and understanding Korean may not be as hard now since YES I have started watching un-subbed KShows with a transcript in hand and my limited knowledge of the Korean Language~

Also, I still am hoping that other SMTown family members would act in it SJ!SJ!SJ!SHINee!SHINee! >//< With that, my life would be complete.

August 9!!! Mark your calendars for the premiere of To The Beautiful You!!!