…am back to my old ways AGAIN.

So far, I still arrive late for first subjects, started my cramming and pretty much bum around with more and more good-looking men aka SJ, EXO, not to mention that my room’s a mess.  It’s not really the way I had pictured to start off my Junior year in college but, I’m pretty proud to say that I haven’t fell asleep in a class yet! I try to look forward to every class, now that most of it are our major subjects so it’s fun! Wee~~~ The professors also kind of help because they’re not boring … and they don’t have slithering tongues.

Truthfully, I’m trying real hard to put my game mode back on and get my grades going because I know it will matter after grad and before law school. Maybe it’s the effect of not participating much in class these past two years that I’m having a hard time getting the right moment to recite, ultimately not being able to think out of the box and be stuck looking like a dumbass seated at the front row, with the teacher’s table right in front of me. Gah. Imagine the frustration I felt, even if it’s only been a week coming back to uni life.

Looking back to last week, I do feel that my friends and I are certainly still enjoying each other’s company, even though we’re being labeled wrongly and even though we practically spend our breathing times together at class and after class~

Also, it was nice seeing my old pals from high school at Stella’s debut party~~~I do think we slightly went overboard with the enjoyment. I had fun myself but there’s a whole lot of picture missing that I can’t help myself feeling quite empty. Even so, I’m just glad to see them again!

Another week’s starting and I have an individual report and some group presentations still waiting to get done with, after murdering, slaving over writing a supposed “critical paper” (or whatever we want to call it) for our Journ I class. I love you ma’am! Pleasebenicetomypaperthankyou.