I somehow realized why lately, no one catches my attention anymore. aka bakit wala akong crush ngayon.

Unrequited love. Whoever went through this, please raise your tear-soaked hankies.

If you haven’t experienced it, I could say that you still haven’t lived your life yet to its fullest.

The joys and sorrows of unrequited love. Although the sorrows pretty much overshadows the joys of it. 🙂

I’ve had crushes when I was in high school. The typical crush-on-a-cute-slash-funny-boy-in-my-class kind of thing. I’ve had too many fleeting crushes then, too! From my seatmate to this annoying dork (why did I even had a crush on him? *rolls eyes).

What was I talking about again? XD

Right. I think I haven’t had any real crushes since I entered college ’cause unrequited love hurts me? Wow, that was petty. <_< I’ve been through it a lot *cries* and even though I’d see some guys I like and gush over them with my friends, still..I don’t do hardcore “crushing” anymore. I may admire someone but that’s it. Again, a joy in unrequited love is that you can admire from a distance, not bothering much to who you’re crushing on but painful on your side of the story. Still, it’s a beautiful love. In a way, unrequited love is loving without asking anything in return. more like no one’s returning the favor so..

Maybe it still hurts me, that’s why.  Or maybe, you still have my heart. *bangs my head repeatedly on my desk

And so here I am, slaving my time..stalking Asian superstars and having a delusional relationship with them instead of having a real one.

*insert a very heavy fangirl sigh here*