Good Friday. 

We were supposed to climb up Lignon today BUT we didn’t. We were supposed to do our Visita Iglesia today BUT we didn’t.

Well, we made up all of it through joining the procession~

My left foot hurts right now even though we took the “shortcut“, as we joined later, towards the end of the procession. Ah..someone massage my foot, please!

There were lots of procession attendees that I couldn’t imagine that we were all able to walk together mainly around Centro. We walked with the Mary Magdalene statue~~ She’s the patron saint of those who wants to change..for the better..somewhere along the lines of that >< My sister originally wanted to walk with the statue of St. Jude, the patron saint of hopeless cases. *sigh

Mary Magdalene had long hair of golden yellow color..or should I say blonde >< Which she used to wash Jesus’ feet with (with water, of course). In a way, it was her way of thanking the Lord and in some way, it showed humility towards our humble Lord. He has shown us ultimate examples of humility throughout His life on earth.

I, myself, do feel that I am not humble. I tend to be proud and boastful, even in as a way of joking around with my friends.

I guess, it’s in my nature though. (my zodiac sign’s Leo and I was born on the year of the rooster so..pride and cockiness? XD)

I do try to be humble in some ways. I guess humility’s one great factor in order for us to receive the Kingdom of God. >< >< ><

I guess, I need a lot of work pa. ><

I hope that as I promise to start anew (everytime), I would be a far less boastful and lazy and bossy and .. person.

I want to become a simple person.

Because I’m naughty, naughty ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

AND, speaking of starting anew, I should really stop eating sinful foods, like fried chicken’s skin! I just ate like, two plastics of it >< cholesterol!  I’m killing myself softly with these foods ><