This morning, my family and I went jogging~

I kept up with my parents’ pace ‘cause my brother AND my sister were slacking off.. ㅡㅡ^

AND I haven’t had slept the night before so I slept the whole afternoon, after eating our breakfast..

My friend, Justine Boyet, saw me >< ㅋ

We didn’t get to drink taho or soymilk ~_~but, we did get to drink fresh buco juice and eat its meat.

Confirmation shots!


Ang nilabahan punpuna na tabi.ㅋ This was at the buco place..when we arrived there, there was a guy with the same colored hoodie as mine >< TSK!


We went up a little hill at the end of the boulevard~ Here’s my mini sis who insisted to take jump shots while were on top. She didn’t get any right shots, though.

Ah, there was one pic where she did look she jumped but her face was…in pain. XD


There was some sort of platform(?) at the top, which looks somewhat like a remnant of a house that once was there >< I dunno


I practiced taking a selca-with-a-background with Mayon so.. I was practicing in case I plan to travel alone some the future..the second take though..


Mayon was gone and so was the sunlight.


That guy’s my brother, by the way. He doesn’t like to take pictures. 

It got hot when we were on our way home! But, it’s OK ‘cause we ate a lot after~ I ate yummy tinapa and supposedly egg and cheese omelette. ><

I haven’t been jogging lately with my friends and I really need to lose weight to fit into my school uniform ><

Well, tomorrow, we’ll be climbing up Lignon Hill!!