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It’s been a while since I started fangirling over this new group. BUT! It didn’t really start this summer.. I remember, last year’s summer.. I got a little into B1A4 whom I was a bit indifferent to at first and currently, it’s not exactly lasting that long, though I still like them but not that much..
And now, here I am, gushing over these young boys who are pretty much around my age so ^^ I have my little biases~ (D.O. & Luhan) But, I like them all in general, just like my love to Suju when I was new to the fandom. I actually started looking for HunHan (Sehun-Luhan) fanfics..which I thought were ridiculous at first because at that time, they haven’t debuted yet so we fans hardly knew them! So, I found some cutesy fics and ah! They’re just so adorable together! I started shipping them even before knowing their couple name~ I knew them as the twins ’cause they look similar. I was confused myself at first with these two but aaaaahhh I ADORE THEM *throws heart confetti
WAIT. I have been talking so much about HunHan! I’ll get started on an EXO appreciation post later~~
I hope that my love for EXO won’t be another fling for me, even though I know I’ll always be coming back to Suju. Maybe it’s because my SJ bias is serving in the army and they aren’t on full-blown promotions this time..I have also newly developed TV5Q feels >< Maybe I’ll write my feels about them later, too.
Now, it’s getting quite hard to keep up with the idol groups I follow around. I mean, I’m already stalking 15 grown men! Plus Taemin, YunJae..ETC.
It’s supposed to be fun though, and I’m having fun myself so, I shouldn’t keep this fangirling business too seriously.
I know I won’t leave EXO for a while though..
Just take my Luhan header for an example.